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Rates :

INR 38,000 USD 692 (Including All Taxes)

Period: June-September

Accommodation, Transport, Food (Vegetarian) Guide Charges, Transport for luggage upto 15Kg Per Yatri.

Day Wise Itnerary From Delhi

1st Day : Delhi reporting Departure at Night for Jageshwar (413 Kms by Bus).

2nd Day : Arrival Kathgodam, proceed to Jageshwar(night Halt)

3rd Day : Jageshwar Dharchula(Night Halt)(Voa Patal Bhuvenshwar) (330Kms) (920 mts.)

4th Day : Dharchula/ Pangu/ Narayan Ashram-Sirkha(Night Halt)(54 Kms by bus, 6 kms by trek) (2560 mts.)

5th Day : Sirkha Gala (Night Halt) (14 Kms by trek) ( 2440 mts.)

6th Day : Gala Budhi (Night Halt) (21 Kms by trek) (2680 mts.)

7th Day : Budhi Gunji (Night Halt) (17 Kms. by trek) (3220 mts.)

8th Day : Gunji Kutti (Night Halt) (19 Kms. by trek) (3600mts.)

9th Day : Kutti-Jollingkong (Night Halt) (14Kms by trek)(4572 mts.)

10th Day : Jollingkong-Adi-Kailash/ Parvati Sarovar -Jollingkong Kutti (Night Halt) (21Kms by trek) (3600mts.)

11th Day : Kutti Gunji (Night Halt) (19Kms by trek) (3220mts.)

12th Day : Gunki Kalapani-Nabhidhang (Night Halt)(18 Kms by trek) (4246 mts.)

13th Day : Nabhidhant (Night Halt) (8kms by trek) (3600mts.)

14th Day : Kalapani-Gunji (Night Halt) 10kms by trek (3220 mts.)

15th Day : Gunji-Budhi (Night Halt) (17Kms by trek)(2680 mts.)

16th Day : Buddhi-Gala (Night Halt) (21Kms. by trek) (2440 mts.)

17th Day : Gala Sirkha-Dharchula or Didihat (Night Halt) (19 Kms by trek 54 Kms by bus) (2440 mts.)

18th Day : Dharchula/ Didihat- Almora (Night Halt) (230 Kms. by bus) (1706 mts.)

19th Day : Almora to Delhi Via Nainital (Departure at night for Delhi) (390 Kms by Bus) ( 1920 mts.)

20th Day : Delhi (Arrival morning) Before noon.

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